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    12 Pleasures In Life That Millionaires Will Never Know

    Poor rich people.

    1. Rich people will never know the creative depths of true improvisation:

    2. Or how to fulfill their dreams for a fraction of the cost...

    3. They aren't always as able to tell when the glass is still half full...

    4. ...or truly understand the art of a good homemade trompe l'oeil:

    5. They probably grow up without knowing all of the possible uses for popsicle sticks...

    6. ...or the fact that anything can be a selfie stick if you want it to be:

    7. They don't know how transcendent the holiday spirit can be...

    8. ...or feel this kind of devotion to their most precious belongings.

    9. They probably have to buy their own hot sauce!

    10. And I bet they don't understand the inner workings of fungi!

    11. They won't feel the quiet thrill of stretching a single bottle of shampoo over months.

    12. And finally, they probably rely way too much on that fancy-schmancy brand-name pizza stuff.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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