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    17 Photos That Will Make You Give Up On Finding Pikachu In "Pokémon Go"

    Pokénightmares guaranteed.

    1. This Pikachu that holds his phone oh-so-tenderly.

    2. This one that has tears of blood rather than rosy cheeks.

    3. The Pikachu that is tired of living a life this miserable.

    4. Your worst Pokénightmare.

    5. The Pikachu from this cup that'll make you feel kinda funny about having him on your team.

    6. This PokÉmo.

    7. This Chukapi.

    8. This Pikachu that just wants to be put out of its misery.

    9. The anatomically correct inflatable Pikachu.

    10. This Pikachu cosplayer that'll make you feel bad about all those pokéballs you've thrown.

    11. This Pikachu and his best friend Ash (Ignore everything else in the photo. For the love of god, just ignore it.)

    12. This Pikachu from the depths of hell.

    13. The Pikachu from this group cosplay that took it too far.

    14. This Pikachu.


    16. And, oh god, THIS PIKACHU.

    17. Consider this a warning... if you keep playing "Pokémon Go," this is your future.