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    Updated on Aug 25, 2018. Posted on Aug 24, 2018

    21 Easy Peezy Ways To Make Your Lifestyle More Eco-Friendly

    It's supes simple.

    1. First, try to get in the mindset of living according to the "4 R's": reject, reduce, reuse and recycle.

    Katarzynabialasiewicz / Getty Images

    - Reject: everything you're offered but don't really need.

    - Reduce: using the types of products that are also harmful for the planet.

    - Reuse: get as much as you can from whatever you have.

    - Recycle: everything that can be recycled.

    2. Switch to a bamboo toothbrush.

    Kuzmik_a / Getty Images

    Unlike the four billion plastic toothbrushes which end up in the trash every year, a bamboo toothbrush is biodegradable (plus, it'll look pretty stylish on your bathroom sink).

    3. Buy a glass or stainless steel water bottle.

    Leopatrizi / Getty Images

    Ditch plastic bottles once and for all — stainless steel ones will keep water cold for HOURS, and glass ones are perfect to keep at your desk at the office.

    4. Use your own reusable coffee mug when you want to buy coffee.

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    Most places will even give you a discount if you bring your own!

    5. Invest in a reusable straw!

    Michellepatrickphotographyllc / Getty Images

    You can buy 'em in bamboo, stainless steel, paper, silicone, and glass — or just resolve to give straws up in general like Starbucks has!

    6. Get in the habit of carrying a reusable bag around with you.

    Paylessimages / Getty Images

    Tell anyone who offers you a plastic bag "no thanks," and think about the whales.

    7. And decide once and for all to ditch produce bags.

    Guruxoox / Getty Images

    Or at least, get reusable ones.

    8. Look something up on Ecosia instead of Google once in a while.

    Ecosia / Via

    This free search engine uses ad revenue to pay for planting trees — if you conduct 45 searches, you'll essentially be helping to plant a tree!!

    9. Dry your dishes with a washcloth instead of paper towels.

    Ninuns / Getty Images

    This one's a no brainer — in general, look for ways to cut down on paper towel waste.

    10. When you're getting takeout, tell them you don't need any cutlery.

    Rickszczechowski / Getty Images

    If you want to be next-level about it, carry some bamboo cutlery around.

    11. And try to buy produce as "fresh" as possible — meaning, don't get the pre-packaged kind.

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    It's usually cheaper to buy an actual bunch of spinach over a bag of spinach, too!

    12. When you can, shop at local farmer's markets and grocers.

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    There'll be less packaging, and you're getting food that'll leave a smaller carbon footprint.

    13. Use beeswax wrap instead of plastic wrap.

    You can learn how to make it yourself here.

    14. Switch over from tampons and feminine pads to a menstrual cup.

    Nensuria / Getty Images / Via

    Just THINK of all the paper products you'll never have to buy again!

    15. Ask for your receipts to be emailed or texted to you when possible.

    Marchmeena29 / Getty Images

    Bonus perk: You won't have annoying crumpled receipts tumbling out of your pockets all the time.

    16. Use bars of soap instead of liquid soap.

    Dolgachov / Getty Images

    Fewer plastic bottles is always a good thing.

    17. If you drink a lot of tea, get a tea infuser so you aren't going through a bajillion tea bags all the time.

    Vwpix / Getty Images

    If you're a true tea lover, you'll love the way it changes the taste.

    18. Make coffee the way they used to — without filters.

    Gangis_khan / Getty Images

    But if you don't want to give up your electric coffee makers, at least use reusable filters.

    19. Buy everything — clothes, furniture, home decor — secondhand when you can.

    Lechatnoir / Getty Images

    It'll be vintage!

    20. And when you're busy setting items aside for the recycling bin, don't forget to wash them out!

    Nextser / Getty Images

    You don't want to contaminate all that recyclable goodness, do you?

    21. Finally, before you buy anything, just... think about it for a sec.

    Djedzura / Getty Images

    And when you do buy, try to buy from a brand that's as sustainable and eco-conscious as you are!


    This post was translated from Spanish.