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    15 Places You Have To Visit In Mexico If You Love Pink

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    1. The Rosas and Xocolate hotel and spa, in Merida:

    2. The Marco Museum, in Monterrey:

    4. Casa Gilardi, in Mexico City:

    6. The Las Coloradas Pink Lakes, in Yucatán:

    7. The parish church of San Miguel Arcangel, in San Miguel de Allende:

    8. This shop, Los Bigotes de Frida, in Puebla:

    9. Casa Gabriela, in Yucatán:

    10. The Tía Aura House, in Guanajuato:

    11. Las Alamandas, a beach resort in Jalisco:

    12. The Camino Real Polanco hotel, in Mexico City:

    14. The Playa Rosa Bungalows, in Jalisco:

    15. And of course, the Cuadra San Cristobal, in Mexico City:

    This post was translated from Spanish.