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    16 Ideas For Black Nail Polish That You'll Love If You Have A Cold, Black Heart

    If your entire wardrobe (and outlook on life) is black, these nails are for you.

    1. Simple, with just a bit of polish and a ton of personality.

    @so_nailicious / Via

    2. With a touch of white polish mixed in, you can achieve an elegant and fashionable black marble look.

    @thenailtrail / Via

    3. These nails are perfect for anyone with an artistic flair:

    @natalimyname / Via

    4. Or this one for those times when your love for black can't stand up to your love of the beach:

    @thenailtrail / Via

    5. Black nails also look great with a half-and-half French manicure.

    @zalonku / Via

    6. Rose-gold makes a good base for black. And if you want to take it a step further, try it with geometric shapes and patterns.

    @nailartbyadrianna / Via

    7. If you love black, but there's some room in your heart for a little pink, you could try something like this:

    @thenailtrail / Via

    8. And don't worry about whether your nails are long enough to pull it off. Black polish works on short nails, too.

    @natalimyname / Via

    9. If you're into more of a minimalist look, but you want to add your own touch, this design is for you:

    @azali_nail / Via

    10. Or go gold with just a single nail on each hand. Perfect for those fancy parties you've got coming up.

    @liahsnails / Via

    11. This faded glitter look is also really elegant.

    @mlkshks / Via

    12. If you want to take the design past the nails, pair the black polish with some black ribbons.

    @so_nailicious / Via

    13. If you need more balance, try a more mod look with some white polish to even things out.

    @so_nailicious / Via

    14. Halloween is right around the corner, so go crazy with the spooky black and white designs.

    @thenailtrail / Via, @thenailtrail / Via

    15. You can also take advantage of negative space to create sophisticated designs.

    @chelseaqueen / Via

    16. And don't forget... even though black nails make a certain kind of statement, you can always find a way to express your love.

    @natalimyname / Via