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Here Are 15 Of The Biggest Fashion Trends You'll See In 2018

Get ready for more excellent prints and pants.

1. Scrunchies!!!

@alexisjadekaiser / Via, Via

Straight outta the '80s, hair scrunchies will make their triumphant return this year. They've already been spotted in Balenciaga's 2018 Resort collection, and hipster mecca Urban Outfitters already has a Scrunchies of the Week pack.

2. Cross-body mini bags

Via, Via

Maxi bags that take hours to rummage through are out; these teensy wallets and bags are in.

3. Kappa sportswear


Adidas and Puma got all of the streetwear spotlight in 2016 and 2017, and this year, it's the Italian sportswear brand Kappa's turn.

4. Sequins and general sparkle

Blame the KiraKira app that lets you transpose sparkles on anything, but also our collective desire to feel a little less dead inside this year.

5. That white athletic sock ~lewk~


So normcore that it's just the norm again.

6. Cropped wide-legged trousers

Capitalize on the '70s vibes and no-longer-awkward length with a pair of high heeled boots or tennis shoes of choice.

7. Lots and lots of lavender


Millennial pink dominated 2017, but with Pantone decreeing this year's color to be Ultra Violet, we'll see a lot of its softer side, in lavender, in hair and apparel alike.

8. Denim mania, continued


If you thought jeans got a little excessive last year, buckle up, sis, because the denim mania has only begun.

9. Checked pants


We're forecasting a lot of the Prince of Wales print, houndstooth, and even gingham on many a pant this year.

10. Plaid pants, too

Via, Via

Plaid pants get their own section, based on the sheer profusion of tartan-inspired plaid we're already seeing everywhere.

11. Some very fearsome florals / Via

Think big, beautiful flower prints straight from the '70s. Definitely groundbreaking imo.

12. The power blazer


We're cycling out of pantsuits and power suits and into defining-your-boss-lady vibe with a single, spectacular blazer.

13. Vertical striped shirts


Pair it with a white undershirt for maximum '90s feels.

14. Camo prints

Via, Via

Camouflage pieces will return this year, so hit up your military surplus store ASAP for the best ones.

15. 16. And finally, fanny packs, if you can believe it

The cool kids will be wearing them sideways, like so.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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