16 Mannequins That Offer Unrealistic Standards For Beauty

    [Meme of that guy checking out another woman in front of his girlfriend, except the other woman has a bird head and 4-foot-long arms.]

    1. Shout-out to @chotisimo on twitter for finding a lot of these mannequins that set unrealistic standards for beauty for our young girls, like this one:

    pueden PARAR con los estándares de belleza inalcanzables??

    2. Or the young men out there who grew up with feelings of inadequacy about the length of their arms:

    3. And even if you weren't blessed with shoulders that are literally twice as broad as the rest of your body, you shouldn't feel bad or inferior!

    4. Some people are just born with big, powerful, frightening torsos, and some people, like you, are not!

    5. Sensual bodies like these are impossible to achieve:

    6. Listen, I'm sorry that nobody has ever seen you walking down the street and said to themselves, "Look at the long, twisted, horrifying neck on them!"

    7. We're all just being pressured too much about how "society" thinks we should look.

    8. Not even the best plastic surgeons in the world, and I'm talking those Kardashian surgeons, can't make you look as vibrant and youthful as these mannequins:

    9. And even though I'm sure this ~lewk~ will be all the rage in the distant future, there's no way you could pull it off now honey.

    10. No amount of facial reconstruction surgery will give you big, beautiful manga eyes. Sorry sweetie!

    11. And now we're telling our CHILDREN that they can grow up to be CATS?! I'm telling you, it's a slippery slope.

    12. How many ribs do you think you'd need to have removed to have this slim body?

    13. This dog mannequin pushes the limits of physical perfection to an unreachable distance:

    14. Ugh! How do I get skin as clear as this Demogorgon? I need all the Upside Down's skin care secrets!

    15. Okay, now this is just getting out of control.

    Yes, it's time to stop...

    16. ...and remember that store owners and merchants have a social responsibility, and that frighteningly thin mannequins like this one are dangerous to public health!

    This post was translated from Spanish.