20 Things That Only List Lovers Will Understand

    First, you make a list. Then, you exist.

    1. Your stress level decreases dramatically the moment you put pen to paper and start writing your goals down.

    2. With every new list you make, you feel both a massive rush of adrenaline and a peaceful oasis of calm at the same time.

    3. Post-its make your life happy.

    4. And you often feel lost if you don’t have a list to follow.

    5. Only you know that indescribable feeling of pure bliss when you buy new stationery.

    6. Or when you buy a big pack of multicolored pens.

    7. In fact, pretty much any office supply store makes you unbelievably giddy.

    8. Going to the supermarket without a shopping list? Utter chaos.

    9. For you, starting a new year means buying a new planner.

    10. Lists help you organize your ideas in order to achieve your goals.

    11. Every time you find an old notebook while cleaning, you inevitably find an old list as well.

    12. You impulse-buy just about any product related to planning out your week (or month/year/life).

    13. And even though you prefer to have everything written out by hand, you also download apps on your phone so you can make lists, lists, and more lists.

    14. Having a cup of tea or coffee while planning your next to-dos sounds like the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.

    15. If you lose your to-do list (or worse, your planner!), you feel a gut-wrenching sensation of emptiness and despair until you make another one.

    16. Starting to study without a list is something that never happens with you.

    17. And at work, you're infinitely more productive with a list by your side than without one.

    18. You dream of having a wall like this in your house.

    19. NOTHING can compete with the immense feeling of achievement you get when you check an item off your list.

    20. And over time, you've discovered that writing your goals down on paper gives structure and form to your ideas, dreams, and intentions.

    This post was translated from Spanish.