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The 14 Most Terrifying Serial Killers You've Never Heard Of In The US

If serial killers scare the shit out of you, you've got 14 more to worry about now!

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1. "The Argentine Vampire" - Florencio Fernández.

Country: Argentina.

Florencio was a sex criminal suffering from mental illness who, in the 1950s, suffered a delirium that made him believe he was a vampire. This belief lead him to kill 15 women by biting out their jugular veins, and he claimed that drinking blood gave him orgasms. He'd kill his victims by first following them home and then he'd break in through a window when they were alone.

He was caught in February 1960 at the age of 25 while living in a dark cave, since he suffered photophobia. He died a year later in a mental institution.

2. "The Great Blood Sorceress" - Magdalena Solís.

Country: Mexico.

Solís was: a serial killer, a religious fanatic, a leader of a sect, a sex criminal... and responsible for 8 confirmed murders. She killed any dissidents to her faith through sacrifices in which victims were brutally beaten and mutilated. Afterwards, she removed her victims' hearts and drank their blood.

Some claim that Magdalena was the reincarnation of an Aztec goddess Coatlicue.

3. "The Alto Hospicio Psycopath" - Julio Pérez Silva.

Country: Chile.

Julio is a sex criminal who worked as a taxi driver, which he used as cover in order to intercept minors between 1998 and 2001. He would offer to drive his victims where they wanted for free and then rape and kill them with a blow to the head, disposing of the bodies in abandoned mine shafts. He killed fifteen women and is a suspect in the disappearance of five others.

He was sentenced to life and is currently under constant surveillance after a suicide attempt in his cell.

4. "The Monster of the Andes" - Pedro Alonso López.

Country: Colombia.

López is a pedophile and strangler who, after being captured, confessed his role in the deaths of around 350 girls in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. He was arrested in 1980, but was freed after a 13-year sentence.

The most terrifying part is that his whereabouts after he regained his freedom are unknown, but while in prison he stated, "The moment of death is enthralling... exciting. One day, when I'm free, I will be thrilled to kill again. It's my mission."


5. "The Prostitute Killer" - Agustín Salas del Valle.

Country: Mexico.

He was responsible for the murder of at least 20 prostitutes who he dismembered in Mexico City between 1989 and 1993. His victims were sex workers who he'd hire and take to a hotel, where he raped and killed them using any object he could find in the room. He would hide the bodies under the bed and leave messages written on the walls or mirrors in the room.

He's come to be known as the "Mexican Jack the Ripper".

6. "The San Isidro Rapist" - Francisco Antonio Laureana.

Country: Argentina.

He was a serial rapist and killer who is believed to be responsible for the deaths of 13 women. He was married and had three children and would often warn his wife: "Don't take the kids out of the house because there are too many perverts out there". After sexually assaulting and killing his victims, he would steal an item of small clothing or a piece of jewelry that he kept inside a boot in his home.

He was murdered in an encounter with the police after a witness called the authorities after recognizing him from his police composite sketch above.

7. "The Killer Actor" -- Ramiro Artieda.

Country: Bolivia.

Artieda was a sex criminal who was responsible for the murder of at least 8 18-year old women between 1937 and 1939, all of whom bared an uncanny resemblance to one another. Ramiro studied drama in the United States, where he learned the techniques that he'd use to help lure his victims. Some of the characters he created to commit his crimes included a film producer, a monk, and a professor. Using these disguises, he took women to secluded areas where he'd sexually abuse and then strangle them.

When he was captured by the authorities, the killer confessed that his intention was to kill any young women that he felt looked like an ex-girlfriend who had dumped him. He was sentenced to death on July 3, 1939.

8. "The Poquianchis" – 4 sisters from the González Valenzuela family.

Country: Mexico.

The "Poquianchis" was the alias given to a group of female serial killers who were guilty of killing hundreds of prostitutes between 1945 and 1964 in Guanajuato, Mexico. The four sisters: Delfina González Valenzuela, María de Jesús, María del Carmen, and María Luisa, owned several brothels in the region, and killed over 150 people – mostly sex workers, their children, and some of their clients.

They are known as the most prolific serial killers in Mexican history.


9. "The Apostle of Death" - Pedro Pablo Nakada Ludeña.

Country: Peru.

Ludeña was a mentally unstable man who killed 25 people between 2005 and 2006. He is believed to have a "death angel" complex, and sought to "purge" the world of prostitutes, drug addicts, homosexuals and thieves. In 2010 he was sentenced to 35 years in prison and in 2015 his brother was named as a suspect in the murder of 6 people in Japan.

10. "The Angel of Death of Rio de Janeiro" - Abraão José Bueno.

Country: Brazil.

He is a nurse and serial killer responsible for the deaths of several children. He would inject babies and young kids with an overdose of tranquilizers, and then run for help and be hailed a hero by his coworkers. It is believed that he killed over 15 young children in this manner.

He was sentenced to 110 years in prison for his crimes.

11. "The Well-Groomed Man" - César Armando Librado Legorreta.

Country: Mexico.

Legorreta was a bus driver and killer who has been blamed for several rapes and murders between 2011 and 2012. His modus operandi consisted of taking his bus out after dark to run his normal routes, but then pretend to have a problem with the vehicle and ask everyone to vacate the bus, except for a single young woman, who he'd offered a ride home (having mysteriously fixed the bus). He would then rape and murder the young women before disposing of their bodies in the Tlalnepantla channel.

Although he escaped from jail after his arrest, he was recaptured and sentenced to 240 years in prison.

12. "The Criollo Dexter" - Luis Gregorio Ramírez Maestre.

Country: Colombia.

He was convicted of over 30 murders in Tenerife, Colombia in 2012. His victims were always young motorbike taxi drivers, who he'd befriend before brutally murdering them. He was apparently a very charismatic man, which helped him gain his victims' trust before he strangled them while he was still on their motorbikes. He'd then tie his victims to trees until they died while he watched.


13. "The Vampire of Niteroi" - Marcelo Costa de Andrade.

Country: Brazil.

The Vampire of Niteroi was a mentally ill pedophile and religious fanatic accused of raping and beating 14 boys to death in 1991. The reason he'd consistently claim for taking their lives was to help them "go to heaven." It's said that he even drank his victims' blood to "be as beautiful as them."

14. "The Child of Terror" - Juan Fernando Hermosa.

Country: Ecuador.

Hermosa was a teenage gang member who was responsible for 22 murders in 1992, mostly of taxi drivers and homosexual men. He was arrested, sentenced to four years in prison and killed by a gunshot wound to the head one month after he was released.


In a previous version of this article, an incorrect photo was used for Magdalena Solís.