Kat Von D And Green Day Partnered Up To Make The Eyeliner Of Your Punk Dreams

    This is for the punk rocker in you.

    She's the wonderful and talented Mexican-American tattoo artist and owner of her own cosmetics line: Kat Von D.

    And he is Billie Joe Armstrong, vocalist and guitarist of a band that probably influenced a big part of your punk, teenage years: Green Day.

    Well, it turns out that these two incredible people partnered up to surprise us with a makeup collaboration for Kat's brand.

    We're not sure if it's a full collection yet, but we do know there's a liquid eyeliner in the works.

    Which makes total sense, since black eyeliner, aside from great music, is one of the things Billie Joe is known for.

    Kat Von D shared the amazing news in the most millennial and informal way possible: sharing hints on her brand's Instagram Stories.

    The eyeliner's name is "Basket Case," just like that Green Day song that probably made you fall in love with the band.

    And according to the packaging, the eyeliner is "anti-precisionsmudge," meaning it will make you look perfectly imperfect, like a true punk rocker.

    If you're not interested in makeup, this eyeliner is a perfect piece of memorabilia if you're a fan of the band; Billie Joe's signature will be engraved on it.

    All we have to do now is wait until it goes on sale.

    This post was translated from Spanish.