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    Sep 17, 2016

    17 People With Names That Ruined Their Lives Forever

    Sometimes it's hard to tell if some parents are trying to be really original or just extremely cruel.

    1. Guess we know what Mom and Dad were drinking when they had him.

    2. Is that all she sold to the plaintiffs?

    3. Baby 2.0.

    4. Future poet, classical music composer, and world-class cyclist.

    5. This guy was destined for this profession.

    6. 😏

    7. Mr. Rambo is my father. You can call me Mister.

    8. His parents were ahead of their time.

    9. He's the hero Colombia needs right now.

    10. Now that's a true fan.

    11. You're never going to win the election with that attitude, Oliver.

    12. Is Jesus Christ Hitler Paracelso Zeppelin a family name?

    13. Have you met He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Estioco? He goes to Don Mariano Marcos elementary school.

    14. That's just good parenting.

    15. One guess where she was conceived...

    16. It's okay, Dick. At least your name isn't Tiny Kox or something like that.

    17. Oh...sorry, Tiny.

    The moral: Choose carefully when naming your kids!


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