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People Are Weirdly Into This Instagram Account About Pulling Out Ingrown Hair

So gross. So satisfying.

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And you've probably seen one of the most famous zit poppin' Instagram accounts that's part of this...trend? movement? called @drpimplepopper.

The account belongs to a dermotologist in Upland, California, and has 2.6 million followers.


Which is why, apparently, Tweezist exists now. It's an entire Instagram account dedicated to posting videos of ingrown hair getting pulled out by tweezers.

And it's supposed to be...satisfying? I guess?

At the time of this post, the account has 173 videos and over 100,000 followers.



TBH, I'm kind of conflicted.

Because like, I want to look away. I really do.

To enjoy more videos like this, follow @tweezist.

Is "enjoy" the right word here?

This post was translated from Spanish.