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    These 16 Crimes Against Food Shall Not Be Forgiven

    In the distance: sirens.

    1. First of all, this is ice cream, served in an avocado.

    2. This is a RAW EGG served with three perfectly good cookies.

    3. Sausage garnishes. For. A. Glass. Of. Milk.

    4. And this is a ramen bologna sandwich.

    5. Add to the list of things to ban forever: watermelon and lentils, together, in the same bowl.

    6. Beans and strawberries. BEANS. AND STRAWBERRIES.

    7. This is a banana-mayo sandwich.

    8. And this is a bowl of Cheetos, with in condensed milk.

    9. This is...not what whipped cream OR fruit is for, you guys:

    10. Hello, yes, officer? This steak has been FROSTED.

    11. There is mustard on this pumpkin pie. MUSTARD. ON. PIE.

    12. **In the distance, sirens**

    13. This chicken thigh has been breaded in Lucky Charms. Please dial 9-1-1 accordingly.

    14. And if you think mustard as frosting is bad...

    15. Or wanton misuse of mayo should be punishable by law...

    16. Then what on earth are we as a society going to do about this...spaghetti cake???

    This post was translated from Spanish.