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14 Things Only Grammar Addicts Will Understand

The dictionary and you are basically an old married couple.

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1. When you slip and make a grammatical mistake on social media, you want to die.

There's no feeling quite like the utter despair that you feel when you realize that the post you put up a whole five minutes ago has a glaring grammatical error.

2. And if you make a mistake in a text message, you IMMEDIATELY send another text correcting it.

Although those who know you know that you would never consciously mix up "there" and "their."

3. When you hear someone commit a grammatical error, you get a headache.

You start to feel dizzy, and you're not sure if it's nausea or simply impending death.

4. And you know that you can never truly become friends with a person who doesn't know the difference between "you're" and "your," no matter how harsh that may seem.

You'd spend your (yes, YOUR) days cringing at their text messages and passive-aggressively gifting them with things like "this old dictionary that I don't need anymore."

5. You don't understand how, in this day and age, there are still people who say "I seen that."

I mean, honey, we're in 2017. Unless it's intentional slang, do you really think that that's the proper way to conjugate that verb?

6. If you're going out with someone and they send you a text that says, "Maybe than we can go out for a drink," you know it's over between the two of you.

Riiiiiiight after you text them back: "then*"

7. When you find a meme full of grammatical mistakes, and yet people are still sharing it without shame, you feel as if the apocalypse has arrived.

When the holy book spoke of the end, this is what it meant.

8. If you can't bring yourself to correct people's grammatical mistakes, you suffer silently through the pain.

You're a martyr.

9. Sometimes, you wonder whether you write particularly well, or if the people around you just didn't go to school.

Or both...

10. You don't understand how there are people in power who write worse than you.

Well, nobody said that power brings wisdom.

11. You and the dictionary have a complicated relationship, but you respect it and would NEVER cheat.

It's like a marriage — you don't always agree with it, but you wouldn't leave it for the world.

12. It is shocking when someone states that they don't care about proper punctuation.

Those people who say, "Ugh, why do commas even exist??"

Alright, you send a text to your family group message that says, "Let's eat Grandma," and we'll just see how that goes, okay?

13. You admit that you hate when people abuse air quotes.

If you're going to use them, at least use them correctly!

14. But deep down, you know that nobody is perfect, and that even you yourself have been known to make the occasional grammatical error from time to time.

So, you forget and forgive (and pray that the next time someone makes a grammatical mistake, you won't be around to experience the horror).

This post was translated from Spanish.

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