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17 Friends We All Deserve

These are more than friends... these are angels.

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1. There are those friends that do whatever it takes to help you look like a DIVA in your Instagram pictures.

2. Whatever. It. Takes.

3. And those friends who help get you through life's challenges.

4. Or who help you get away with anything.

5. Friendship is when the other person complements you.

6. And true friends can have fun doing anything together.

7. Especially going out and partying.

8. There are friends who keep you by their side through it all.

9. And a real friend knows how to share.

10. Friends should support you however they're able.

11. And help you reach what's just out of reach.

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12. A true friend will make sacrifices for you.

13. And if they don't, they don't deserve you.

14. They'll leave their dignity on the floor to make you look good.

15. And lift you up to help you achieve your dreams.

16. And remember, friendship means always finding a space for you.

17. And lighting up your life.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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