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Designer Platform Crocs: Ironic Or Awful? Please Discuss

We're really doing this clog thing now, eh?

So, the latest platform shoe revival took a bit of a turn at the Balenciaga runway show last Sunday.

You know how everyone's been super into platform heels, clogs and all things **nostalgia** lately?

Balenciaga, apparently, wanted to take that all one step further — meet the "Foam Shoes," which the designer created in collaboration with Crocs for Spring 2018.

Just to be clear, what we're seeing here in 2017 is 4 full inches of designer Crocs.

According to Vogue, the shoes' debut on the catwalk caused quite a stir, and no one is sure if people were horrified, disgusted or...like, kind of into it.

Twitter had some notes:

@BALENCIAGA @Crocs A sight for sore eyes

Mostly, everyone wanted to make sure we were all seeing the same thing.

I'm sorry am I hallucinating or did I just see platform Crocs from Balenciaga

Some were pretty down with it...

honestly i'm very down for the Balenciaga crocs they feel extremely goes to Harajuku once and i'm like same

Or at least, showed a little self awareness...

Me: talks shit about balenciaga Also me: thinks about buying bright orange crocs approx. once a month

Because hey, the holidays are just around the corner.

Balenciaga platform crocs on my wishlist

And FYI, this isn't the first time this year that a designer collaborated with Crocs. Christopher Kane presented them as part of his 2018 Spring-Summer collection.

So, what do we think, internet? Is fashion gonna make Crocs cool again??

This post was translated from Spanish.