15 Uses For Concealer You Probably Never Considered

    One little bottle of concealer...so many possibilities.

    1. If you're out of foundation, mix a little bit of concealer with moisturizer and voilà!

    In an emergency, all you need is two ingredients to make your own liquid foundation. The Beauty Department recommends adding one part concealer and two parts face cream, then mixing the two together and applying with a brush.

    2. Apply under-eye concealer in a triangle shape instead of a crescent shape.

    3. Apply concealer before mascara to add volume to your eyelashes.

    4. For perfectly angled eyebrows, trace a short line parallel to the top edge with concealer and then blend.

    Blend the concealer with a brush or, better yet, your finger. The heat of your fingertip can help to blend and soften the tone.

    5. Cover your lips with concealer before you apply lip color to neutralize your lips and make the lipstick color pop.

    The natural pigmentation of your lips can interfere with the color of lipstick, making it appear much different from what you thought you were buying. To preserve the original tone of the lipstick, lightly cover your lips with concealer, blend it with a sponge, and then apply lipstick over it.

    6. Cover dark circles under your eyes with red lipstick before you apply concealer.

    They make red or orange concealer for people with very dark circles under their eyes, but matte lipstick works in a pinch as well. Apply the lipstick under the eye using a brush, blend it well, and then add your concealer over it. Goodbye, dark circles from hell!

    7. Green concealer hides red spots on your skin.

    8. Fix little eyeliner imperfections with concealer.

    This magical little secret will come in handy if you don't have a very steady hand.

    9. It also works for giving your eyeshadow a strong edge.

    After making the line with the concealer, don't forget to blend it with a sponge or Beautyblender. This trick will make the edge of your eyeshadow look clean and professional.

    10. Use concealer that's darker than your natural skin tone for contouring.

    11. You can also contour your collarbones using two different shades: one that's lighter than your natural tone for the highlights, and one that's darker for the shadows.

    12. Outline your lips with concealer after painting them for stronger definition.

    To make lipstick stand out so it looks clean and perfect, outline your lips with concealer then blend well using a brush.

    13. Apply a bit of concealer on top of your eyelid to make your eyeshadow last longer.

    14. Never, ever forget to seal your concealer with powder.

    15. Every concealer has a specific function.