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16 Tips To Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever Using Just A Pencil And A Notebook

This year, start a Bullet Journal and prepare to be amazed by the changes that you'll see.

Bullet Journaling is all about writing down your to-do's and personal notes in concise sentences and bullet points (using special special symbols to keep track of your progress).

Main tips to start planning your 2017:

1. Begin by getting a new notebook and something to write with.

2. Know that this type of organizer can also work as a personal diary.

3. The idea is to do everything by hand.

4. Use the space on the page however you think is best.

5. Be extremely organized with each line that you write.

6. Take a few minutes a day to organize your thoughts and to-do lists in a relaxing environment.

7. Be consistent and devoted (but don't overthink each and every little idea that you write down).

8. Not everything has to be about work and serious tasks.

9. You can also write a list of books you would like to read this year.

10. It's fun to save postcards and any other mementos in your Bullet Journal also.

11. Little drawings can also be a good way of decorating and writing about your activities.

12. Always keep your journal at hand, especially when you're working.

13. Besides the daily notes, you can also make a calendar for each month.

14. Paste some pictures in your journal so that every time you open it, you'll be reminded of happy memories.

15. Take a few minutes to appreciate the work you've done.

16. And one final tip: look at each new day of the year as a page just waiting to be filled by you... literally.

This post was translated from Spanish.