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    Updated on Jan 9, 2019. Posted on Nov 8, 2017

    This Girl Transformed Herself Into A Bratz Doll And, Quite Honestly, She Looks Identical

    A new take on the meaning of getting ~dolled~ up.

    This is Promise Tamang, a professional makeup artist and YouTuber with the ability to transform herself into just about anything and anyone.

    On her Instagram bio, Tamang describes herself as a "human chameleon" and "transformation queen," and honestly, it's not even up for debate.

    @promisetamang / Via

    Just LOOK at her Christmas Mariah Carey!!!!!

    She's also got Sailor Moon on lock...

    And, somewhat relatedly, Ed Sheeran...

    @promisetamang / Via

    Very strong.

    And her latest challenge? The Bratz doll.

    Twitter: @bratz

    In case you missed early-2000s toy trends, Bratz are these dolls with huge eyes, prominent lips, giant heads, and edgy style that essentially came for Barbie's crown.

    And she totally nailed it:

    Here's a side-by-side comparison of Tamang without makeup vs. her with Bratz makeup.

    @promisetamang / Via

    The giant doll-eye job alone is some serious high art, y'all.

    Honestly, we're so impressed.

    To create the look, Tamang drew inspiration from another makeup artist, @Missgaymatte, who's done a lot with the huge eyes and prominent lip look.

    And I'm not saying this whole life-sized Bratz doll thing is becoming an all-out trend yet...

    But it does seem to be catching on around social media.

    @jessielynniac / Via

    There's either a lot of makeup aficionados recreating Tamang's Bratz look...

    @itsnotmina_ / Via

    ...or we've got a doll invasion on our hands, folks.

    @powerpuffmoniq / Via

    **is scared but also impressed**

    Want in on the Bratz magic? You can find Tamang's full tutorial here.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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