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    This Amazing Map Depicts The 13,000 Hidden Wonders Of The World That You Need To Visit

    Consider this your source of travel inspo for life.

    In case you haven't heard, Atlas Obscura is an online magazine that's all about adventurous travel — especially when it comes to the places that are juuust about to hit everyone else's radar.

    The magazine has catalogued all of the most interesting and unusual destinations recommended by their community of travelers and explorers in "The Atlas," where recent entries include a Druid temple, a carpentry tools museum, and an underground printing press.

    The Atlas now has more than 13,000 entries — so Atlas Obscura plotted them all out on a giant interactive map that you can access here.

    It's honestly awesome.

    This way, you can easily navigate between wonders from every corner of the world, like this delightful pool in the middle of the Tatacoa Desert in Colombia...

    Via, Paulhs / Via Flickr: paulhs / Creative Commons

    As well as the largest museum dedicated to marijuana, which is apparently in Barcelona:

    Via, @hempmuseumgallery

    The Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum also has a location in Amsterdam, of course — but the one in Barcelona is the largest and full of history.

    For lovers of the occult, there's the Museum of Alchemists and Magicians in Prague...

    @omitsumoshi / Via

    And serious whiskey aficionados will dig this gigantic whiskey barrel located in the middle of this old school bar in Los Angeles.

    @idlehour / Via, @idlehour / Via

    The bar Idle Hour was built in 1941, and, in 2010, was designated as an official Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.

    Thanks to this map, we can easily jump to Tokyo and get a load of the crazy Robot Restaurant, where female robots and real go-go dancers mingle side by side...

    @slayervvs / Via, @yuriko_azuki / Via

    Or, we can cut straight to the very Instagrammable Wisteria Tunnel in Kawachi Fuji Gardens:

    In Argentina, there's the Cueva de las manos, which has cave paintings that are more than 10,000 years old.

    Mariano / Via / Creative Commons

    And in Canada, there's apparently this adorable egg-shaped tree house just chillin' in the forest.

    If you have a thing for road trips, you'll want to explore the Atlantic Ocean Road, a serpent-like highway in Norway.

    And based on our map-scouting efforts, we've decided that your next trip to New York must include a stop by the Museum of Sex.

    @shmorgles / Via

    And that was just a taste! To discover more hidden wonders around the world, like this futurist bookstore in China, dive into the Atlas Obscura map in full, and let us know what inspires you!

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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