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    21 Ideas For A Hot New Hair Style Without Going All Out

    They're called babylights and you'll probably want to just show this post to your stylist as soon as possible.

    1. Like the look of an ombre, but don't want to go all out? Get on the babylights trend! They're highlights sprinkled throughout your hair in delicate little strands.

    2. It gives your hair that sun-kissed look without ever needing to step outside!

    3. The idea is to introduce a little chaos to the normal highlights process. Instead of specific order, the highlights are applied randomly.

    4. It's a subtle touch that gives your hair lots of movement.

    5. And unlike an ombre, all the action isn't just down at the ends of your locks. Babylights work wherever you have them done.

    6. It works really well if you start with a chocolate brown base and add in some lovely bright pink streaks...

    7. ...But you can also keep your original hair color and just lighten a few of your lovely locks for a more natural look.

    8. And if you're blonde, it works even better!

    9. They're perfect for those multidimensional looks full of rich, colorful waves of hair.

    10. But if you're still afraid that it's just too drastic, you can go very subtle with the highlights.

    11. Or go with a more subtle highlight, like these delicate strands of red.

    12. You can't deny that babylights look great on a bob.

    13. And on brunettes with those very understated blonde streaks.

    14. And even on the darkest hair colors. A little vibrant color goes a long way.

    15. There's no limit to the creativity! You can mix many colors in no particular order and it still looks great.

    16. For longer hairstyles, that sun-kissed effect never fails.

    17. Babylights are ideal for any hair length.

    18. And it even looks great when you wear your hair naturally, without drying or curling it.

    19. The whole idea is to look great without making too many changes to your natural hair color...

    20. It's something new and different, but not too new and different.