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28 Delicious Arepas You'll Want To Eat Immediately

There is no way to resist this divine traditional plate from Venezuela and Colombia.

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9. A healthy arepa with spinach, lettuce, avocado, cheddar-style almond cheese, and a bit of pimento:

12. This arepa made from pounded maize, with ham, cheese and avocado:

15. Arepa with grilled pork chop, Gouda cheese, tomato, and avocado:

16. This arepa with black-sauce meat roast in brown-sugar syrup, and cheddar cheese:

17. This arepa made with corn flour and vanilla whey protein, filled with eggs, oregano, and pimento:

18. Arepa with barbecued meat, pico de gallo (salsa made from chopped tomato and onion), Creole cheese, and green salsa:

19. This grilled chicken arepa with goat cheese, arugula, and sweet chili salsa:

23. Scrambled egg arepa with spinach and ham:

24. A chicken, lettuce and tomato arepa:

25. Arepa with pork haunch, gouda cheese, and avocado:

26. This arepa with shredded meat and cheese:

27. This roasted meat arepa with queso de mano (soft, white Venzuelan cheese), pico do gallo (chopped tomato and onion salsa), and special white salsa:

28. And finally, this arepa with chicken stew, finely-chopped lettuce, tomato, and cheese:

This post was translated from Spanish.