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15 Stunning Silver Foxes That Will Awaken Your Inner Thirst

Who knew granddads could also be daddies?

1. This gorgeous, glasses-wearing god: @thegarrettswann.

2. This fellow who is luckily allergic to shirts: @jakiv.

3. This smoking and sultry silver fox: @anthony.varrecchia.

4. This man, who like wine only gets better with age: @gianlucavacchi.

5. This model, skater, and surfer who can truly do it all: @Fcipriano.

6. This man who proves that beards get better with age: @Alessandro_manfredini.

7. This dashing dapper dandy: @therealwinstonwarrior

8. This beautifully bearded and speckled beau: @trpescod.

9. This rough and tumble man who is 50 shades of sexy: @sir_ndrewsilver.

10. Not to mention this dashing delight and his silky, silvery mane: @to_ron_to.

11. This bohemian who seamlessly mixes ruggedness with class: @alexandreschuster76.

12. This cavalier chap: @turksamuel.

13. This salt-and-pepper stoic stud @dumphil.

14. This 21st century Father Christmas who can stuff our stockings anyday: @paulmasonmodel.

15. And this buff babe whose body looks like it's chiseled from marble: @fit1962a.

This post was translated from Spanish.