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    17 Truths That Anyone Who Hates Getting Phone Calls Will Understand

    WhYyYyYy are they calling??

    1. In general, you just don't understand how there are people out here living in 2018 who prefer calling to texting.

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    Like why??? Why?????

    2. For you, getting a call on your phone is the equivalent of having your personal space invaded.

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    Like, why would people just think that's okay?

    3. All you want to do is scroll through Twitter/Instagram/whatever in peace, and an incoming call most certainly disturbs that peace!!!

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    The worst part is just sitting there, waiting for the call to stop.

    4. And when you get a call from an unknown number, you have a minor panic attack.

    It's the absolute worst.

    5. And you start running through the possible scenarios for this mystery call: did someone die? Am I getting fired? Did my house burn down???

    Is it the government?? Are they finally onto me?

    6. Obviously, it's not like you're going to pick up the phone to find out...but you can't help but wonder all the same.

    If it's really my boss, they'll call again, right?

    7. You've even googled the number that called you, just to see if it's on the internet.

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    All just to avoid picking up the phone and finding out for yourself.

    8. Sometimes you pretend like you don't care about the call, but you can't stop looking at your phone as it rings.

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    When will it be over??

    9. If you **do** decide to hit "decline," you try to wait for a little bit so it doesn't seem like you rejected the call right away.

    It just seems more polite that way?

    10. But it's almost just as bad to get a call from someone you know — but whom you haven't heard from in a while.

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    That can't be good.

    11. And when you finally work up the nerve to answer, it turns out that they're just calling "to chat."

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    Why would you ~just want to say hi~? Who does that??

    12. To be clear, there are **some** calls you'll always pick up, like ones from your boss, bank, or landlord.


    And those come with their own brand of terror.

    13. Now: Let's take a moment to gripe about voicemails, which are almost certifiably the worst part of all this phone nonsense.

    Because apparently, people are still using them and all that?

    14. Voicemails that are just "please call me back" are 1000% the most terrible kind of voicemail.

    Like, way to make this all even more of a freakin mystery!

    15. Because let's get one thing clear: you did NOT go out and drop a bajillion dollars on a smartphone just to like, spend all this time checking your voicemail.


    You bought it so you could browse Insta in peace, goshdarnit!

    16. And you **certainly** didn't spend all that money just to have a fancy way to answer phone calls!

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    If that were the case, we'd still have those $10 flip phones, thanks.

    17. And if someone isn't your mom, crush, or BFF, they just shouldn't have these unreasonable expectations.

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    Just text us!!

    This post was translated from Spanish.