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    The Home Of The Future

    Now that we've sailed into 2012 we should have invented everything to make everyday life easier, right? Apparently not, but here are some of the furnishings that may appear in homes in years to come.

    Magnetic Bed


    Ok, so there are tons of futuristic beds, but this one designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars is one of the sleekest. Side note: sexy woman not included.

    Gel Fridge


    This fridge designed by Yuriy Dmitriev is crazy. Like insane. Not only can you position it vertically, horizontally or even on the ceiling, but the gel cools every item individually by blocking out UV rays.

    Vertical Bath Tub


    This bath tub designed by Ethan Lai is a work of art. A thing of beauty. I need it. Now.

    Dining Table Pod


    Fatih Can Sarıöz designed this interesting dining table, which comes in several different colours. Just make sure to clear the plates before you close the table up.

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