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What Nintendo's First APP Miitomo Is All About

Nintendo's going mobile.

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Nintendo this week introduced it's first mobile phone APP. Is it Mario, Pokemon or ZELDA? No, it's none of those, you play as a Mii.

In case you've forgotten. Miis were introduced on the Nintendo Wii. They are the little versions you make of yourself. They're used in games like Wii Sports. Remember that game you play whenever you visit your Grandma? Man we need to visit our Grandma more, mental note visit Grandma.

Okay so what is Miitomo? Well, that's the interesting thing, it's not a game you would normally associate with Nintendo. Actually it's not really a game at all. It's a way of getting to know your friends better than you ever thought you could. Confused? Hopefully by the end of this it will make sense.

When you start Miitomo the first thing you have to do is make your Mii. Basically you're making yourself. You can go about this two ways. You can either have your phone take pictures and the App generates Miis of you, which for some reason end up looking anything but what you actually look like. Ever wanted to see the worst pictures of you, use this option. Otherwise choose the options to make one yourself.

Ah much better. I ended up making my Mii super small. I thought it was funny his head being the same size as his body.

Next you decide how your Mii talks. This is very important, because your Mii talks to you a lot. I mean a lot. So make sure you are happy with how they talk, and their rhythm, or you will get sick of this app very fast.

There's your Mii living it up in their little house. Yeah and it's better then yours at the moment. Just ignore that jealously for a little animated person. Remember Spongebob's house is cooler than yours will ever be, so just get over it. One of the first things you'll notice is your Mii's clothes. Yeah they kinda look like they just got out of prison or something. So head over to the shop to get them some new ones.

At the store there are lots of outfits to try on. Even premade outfits. Want to be a Bear, that's no problem, Hotdog you can do that too. Fluffy Bunny, Nintendo doesn't judge, just be whoever you want.

My Wii ended up being more stylish than I am. After you pick an outfit you get a commemorative photo taken. Now if this only happened every time you buy an outfit. H&M we're looking at you, you can learn a lesson here.

There are also specialty clothing items you can't buy, but have to win. Yeah I know I said this app isn't a game, but this is the one part that is. And I wouldn't really call it a game in a normal video game sense. It's more of a slot machine, actually it's based off Japanese Pachinko. And if you were ever wondering what that was. This is what it looks like.

Yeah they're loud.

First pick the clothing item selection that sounds the most interesting to you. I picked the "Dress to Impurress! Cat Style #1" It's called Miitomo Drop and win, that should give you a clue how it works. You're little Mii is dangling from what looks like an alien tractor beam. You drag them over and drop them, out of your control they start to fall banging and bouncing off everything until they come to a complete stop. I won Candy, obviously not the greatest prize.

After you get your first outfit the photo option opens up for you. Here you can place your Mii in pre-generated photos or your own personal photos in all sorts of zany and strange poses. This you can have a lot of fun with and many people have. Doing a quick search on twitter brings up numerous Miitomo photos. Everyday you use the app you get a new picture taken automatically of your Mii you can share on other social networks if you want.

So you've got some new duds and you've played sort-of a game, now what? Now you actually get into the app. Click on your Mii, they'll start asking you questions. Yes that's the app/game your Mii asking you questions, and you answering them. It may sound boring and strange at first, but it's surprisingly addicting. You're asked questions and give answers and your friends are asked the same questions and you can compare answers. It's almost like being on talk show. And through it you learn more about your friends than you ever did before.

Since we all got our phones we've been glued to them. Have you ever tried to start up a conversation with someone totally involved in their phone. Their answers are always "Yupp," "Uh-huh," "Totally." It seems you never get to know a person anymore. With this people give answers when they want and you can check back and make comments to them. As simple as this is I think Nintendo really has something here. That being said it didn't take me long to start giving ridiculous inappropriate answers.

So is Nintendo's Miitomo worth checking out? If you have some time to kill I would recommend it. Since installing the app I've been using it like crazy. Somehow it's just so addictive. The answers you get asked range from the normal to the obscure. It's just fun to see what you'll get asked next and what your friends come up with too. Who knows? Using this app you might get to know the people you're close to even more. At the very least your Mii can hang out on the moon surrounded by cats. And isn't that all that really matters?

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