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SNL Made A Star Wars Toy Commercial Sketch

And it perfectly sums it all up.

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Star Wars is coming out, and that means toys.

Lots of Toys.

But you're probably wondering. Who's buying all of these?

Yeah those guys.

Even though it's for ages ...

We all know who's really going to be buying them.

Anyone with this many Stormtroopers.

Never escape the box.

And when one kid proudly showed off his toys.

He asked the ultimate question.

Only for the next kid to ask a bigger one.

For him there is no hope.

The nerds were impressed with the toys' quality.

But had to show the kids how it's done.

One was shocked when a kid called a character's name the wrong one.

Doug Vader????

It's fun for everyone.

The kids just weren't having it.

But it's ….

Watch the whole video here.

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