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9 Gifts NOT To Buy Your Girlfriend For Valentine's Day

It's the week before Valentine's Day and you haven't got your girlfriend a gift yet. There are hundreds of choices which would make a great gift but just as many which could end your relationship in a heartbeat. Here are 9 of the the worst gifts which you could get for your girlfriend on February 14th.

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1. A Membership to Weight Watchers

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Everyone wants a good looking girlfriend and most guys have good intentions by wanting to help them stay fit and healthy and when done right, your girlfriend could really appreciate the help. But sometimes the best of intentions can lead to the WORST of ideas.

Weight Watchers often helps women lose weight but if you got a membership for your girlfriend she would be completely furious. How dare you suggest she needs to lose weight? How dare you take it upon yourself to assume she needs help? Use some common sense, make her feel beautiful, not overweight because Valentine's Day is her special day as well.

2. A Subscription to a Fitness Magazine

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It's been established no girl wants to be told she's fat or have it suggested but you would still like her to have a better lifestyle and a nicer body so you decide to get her a subscription to a Fitness Magazine. Great idea, Right? WRONG!

What girl wants to look through a magazine and be able to see loads of women who are fitter than they are? They won't thank you for that and would be insulted that you don't think she is fit or healthy enough.

We all know you can't win an argument with a woman. It's is a well known fact for all guys, so why would you think it would be a good idea to tell her how to live her life? That my friend, is a death wish.... Or at least a month on the couch.

3. A Basket of Fruit

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At first thought, a basket of fruit seems like a pretty nice idea for some women. But Valentines day is about 3 things, love, romance and most importantly, chocolate.

So let's say you do buy a basket, fill it with fruit and put a bow on it. What next? You give it to your girlfriend, she says thanks and then the fruit gets put in the fruit bowl, just like normal and your girlfriend only gained a basket and a ribbon. It might seem romantic but when you look at it, your just telling your girlfriend to eat more fruit. You had better have more gifts that don't revolve around fitness planned because if not, you might be staying in Heartbreak Hotel and that is if your lucky.

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4. An Iron

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Maybe your current iron just happened to brake down and since your girlfriend used it so often to take the creases out of clothes, you think that she would love a new replacement? Although there is logic, Valentine's Day is certainly not the right time to buy one of the most non-romantic gifts possible. And no, your caring girlfriend who irons your clothes out of love does NOT enjoy it. Use some common sense.

Valentine's Day is about romance, love and showing your partner that you care for them. Do not buy a common household item because it shows you are a thoughtless idiot who is as romantic as a tree.

Anyway, why wouldn't you buy a new iron two months ago at Christmas when practical items are appreciated.

5. A Self Made Coupon Book

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You have taken a little time to make a little booklet with 10 or so coupons in that your better half can cash in to get you to do things. A free kiss? Seems pretty cute right? Sure, but this has better be a side gift and you have done something much more impressive to go along with it. Such as a holiday to Paris, the city of love.

Some of you may be wondering what is wrong with a Coupon Book? It shows your willing to do a bunch of things for your girlfriend. The issue is, you should be willing to do most of the things in this book on a daily basis. A hug? A Kiss? Doing the dishes? If you don't do this for the woman you love regularly, do you even love her?

The only exception is if these coupons are amazing. E.G. A night in a fancy hotel, a day at the spa or even a candle lit dinner. Now those, are some fancy coupons!

6. A Gift For Her... That's Secretly For You

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Everyone wants a gift on Valentine's because they want to feel loved and of course your partner will get you something nice or do something for you but DO NOT give your girlfriend a gift which is something that you want. It does not matter how much you wanted that drill for Christmas. Your girlfriend will know what your up to and use it to drill a hole in your head.

You aren't a selfish pig so buy your girlfriend something she wants or do something she would like and if she loves you, she will do the same. And hopefully give you a night to remember!

7. A Reused Card or Ecards

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Okay, this one doesn't need explained. Sometimes Valentine's can be expensive but you want to have things a little cheaper so you just get your girlfriend a card and maybe go a romantic walk or sit in and watch a movie. Netflix and Chill

Now, just because you want to work on a budget does NOT mean you can reuse last years card, get a last minute ecard or use a Christmas Card. It isn't romantic, it isn't loving and it is beyond cheap. You may still end up watching a movie that night but you will be doing it alone.

8. A Pot Noodle When You Promised "Dinner"

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You have promised your girlfriend dinner. She expects a home cooked meal. You present her with... A pot noodle...

Okay, it doesn't need to be a pot noodle but you get the point. The worst thing you can do is get your partners hopes up and then disappoint her, especially if what you said is borderline a lie.

Sometimes guys won't have the ability to cook a great meal. Sometimes there isn't time to cook it. Sometimes money is tight and you simply can't afford it. These do NOT mean you can use an excuse after the promise has been made.

An option could be to learn how to make a simple dinner if you don't have the natural ability to cook. Anything is better than a pot noodle after all.

If you aren't able to provide dinner then no worries, just take her for a coffee because if she is worth keeping, the gesture will mean more than the actual act but YOU need to make the effort.

9. Dumping Her

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Valentine's Day is a day of love, romance and to celebrate your relationship or in some cases, create one. It is NOT a day to end one.

The last thing that should happen to anyone is that they get dumped on Valentine's Day. It is cruel, upsetting and simply wrong. If you had the great idea of trying to let her down gently by dumping her on such an important day then your now ex-girlfriend will make sure you never live to see the end of the 14th of February.

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