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    46 Reasons Living In Dundee Ruins You For Life

    Amazing views, great nightlife, unbelievable food and engrossing history. Dundee is where it's at.

    1. Because of the discoveries you can make...

    2. ...and the unicorns you can spot.

    3. Because of sunrises like this...

    4. ...and sunsets like this.

    5. Because its green spaces are beautiful (even when they're white).

    6. Because Broughty Castle transports you back in time...

    7. ...and Mains Castle adds grandeur to Caird Park.

    8. Because its museums bring history to life.

    9. Because its galleries are works of art in their own right.

    10. Because its theatre is world class.

    11. Because this is on your doorstep.

    12. Because it is great for animal lovers.

    13. Because housing is actually affordable.

    14. Because you have the seaside on your doorstep...

    15. ...and it looks amazing at night.

    16. Because the views are panoramic...

    17. matter where you're standing.

    18. Because its rail bridge is stunning.

    19. Because of its thriving music scene.

    20. Because it's a perfect blend of old and new.

    The architecture of Dundee is constantly changing. The modern District 10 building is made entirely from recycled shipping containers, and The Vine is an excellent example of Georgian architecture in Dundee.

    21. Because the nightlife is incredible.

    22. Because it's changing for the future.

    23. Because its universities are world-class.

    24. Because Dundee cake is the finest in the world...

    25. ...and you can't beat a Dundee peh.

    26. Because there's a pizza just for you.

    27. Because of a dinner with a view.

    Bridgeview Station restaurant is the perfect place for a meal with family and friends. The view over the Tay is stunning, and the food looks (almost) too good to eat.

    28. Because who wouldn't want to live in the same city as Clark's?

    Clark's 24-hour bakery is legendary in Dundee, and for good reason. Where else can you get a peh at 4am?

    29. Because of its rich heritage...

    30. Because it's fine and Dandy.

    31. Because it has an amazing maritime history.

    32. Because there's always something fun (or crazy) to do.

    33. Because of its unique football rivalry.

    34. Because this is in the city centre.

    35. Because it's in the heart of golf country.

    36. Because it's a city with a clear conscience.

    37. Because there's no beer garden like Laings.

    38. Because it's absolutely beautiful in winter...

    39. ...and in summer.

    40. Because it's the "world's biggest village".

    41. Because dolphins come to visit.

    42. Because it's a book lover's paradise.

    43. Because it looks amazing at night.

    44. Because who wouldn't want to live beside the silvery Tay?

    45. Or see skies like this from their window?

    46. There's no other city quite like Dundee. The setting is stunning, the people are friendly, and the food is fantastic. Admit it: Dundee has ruined you for life.