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46 Reasons Living In Dundee Ruins You For Life

Amazing views, great nightlife, unbelievable food and engrossing history. Dundee is where it's at.

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5. Because its green spaces are beautiful (even when they're white).

Flickr: 9610484@N05 / Creative Commons

Every single one of Dundee's 18 parks has a unique charm. Baxter Park and its historic pavilion (pictured) were gifted to the city by the Baxter family in 1863.


8. Because its museums bring history to life. / Creative Commons

The stunning McManus art gallery and museum houses artefacts from all over the world and also has a great local history section. The café inside is brilliant, too.

10. Because its theatre is world class.


The Dundee Rep Theatre is home to Scotland's only permanent company of full-time actors. Famous faces to grace the stage include Dundee native Brian Cox, Joanna Lumley, and David Tennant.


12. Because it is great for animal lovers.

Flickr: glenbowman / Creative Commons

Camperdown Wildlife Centre is home to many animals including the European brown bear, the black and white ruffled lemur and, of course, these ridiculously cute otters.

14. Because you have the seaside on your doorstep...

Flickr: carolsouthern / Creative Commons

OK, so Broughty Ferry Beach is technically in the Firth of Tay, not the sea, but look how amazing it is. In the summer months, the award-winning beach has volleyball nets and a safe area marked out for swimming.


19. Because of its thriving music scene.

Flickr: pontemonti / Creative Commons

Dundee has always had a passion for live music, with famous names like Deacon Blue, The View, and Average White Band (pictured) all hailing from the city.


20. Because it's a perfect blend of old and new.

The architecture of Dundee is constantly changing. The modern District 10 building is made entirely from recycled shipping containers, and The Vine is an excellent example of Georgian architecture in Dundee.

21. Because the nightlife is incredible.

Flickr: pushdesign / Creative Commons

From live music to theatre, pubs to clubs, the city has something for everyone. Plus most venues are within walking distance of each other, so you save a fortune on taxi fares. Result!

22. Because it's changing for the future.

V and A at Dundee

There are so many exciting times ahead for Dundee. The waterfront is undergoing a £1 billion regeneration project that will include the V&A at Dundee as well as a brand-new train station and hotel.

23. Because its universities are world-class.

John Lord / Via

Abertay University is world renowned for its computer games courses, while the University of Dundee (pictured) is at the forefront of many of the medical research projects in the UK.


29. Because of its rich heritage...

Jonathan Smith / Getty Images

Dundee is known for the three J's: jute, jam, and journalism. The jute mills are a huge part of Dundee's history, with many (like Verdant Works) still standing today. The 19th-century Barry Mill in nearby Carnoustie is also a great place for a day out.

30. Because it's fine and Dandy.

Flickr: leo_leibovici / Creative Commons

Legendary Dundee publishing firm D.C. Thomson, best known for the Dandy and Beano comics, was founded in 1905. The Dandy's Desperate Dan even has his own statue in the city centre.

31. Because it has an amazing maritime history.

Flickr: martainn / Creative Commons

The North Carr lightship is the last remaining Scottish lightship. When she was in use, her job was to warn sailors of the Carr rocks as they entered the River Forth on their way to the River Tay.


32. Because there's always something fun (or crazy) to do.

Ye Amphibious Ancients Bathing Association

Every New Year's Day the Broughty Ferry Dook takes place in the harbour. Hundreds of people brave the freezing temperatures to take the plunge for charity. Brrriliant.

33. Because of its unique football rivalry. / Creative Commons / Mike Pennington

Dundee and Dundee United football clubs are within a stone's throw of each other. No other clubs in the UK have stadiums as close together as Tannadice and Dens Parks.

35. Because it's in the heart of golf country.

Flickr: donmaedi / Creative Commons

Dundee lies between Carnoustie and St. Andrews, both of which regularly host the Open Championship. The city also has several golf courses, making it the perfect place to tee off.


36. Because it's a city with a clear conscience.

Flickr: macieklew / Creative Commons

Dundee has been a Fairtrade city since 2004, promoting the sale of fairly traded products in cafés, shops, and other businesses, which means there are always lots of unusual and delicious treats on offer.


40. Because it's the "world's biggest village".

Flickr: thebiglunch / Creative Commons

Dundee is often described as the "world's biggest village" thanks to its fantastic community spirit. Who wouldn't want to live in such a friendly place?

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