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11 Questions People Who Are Going Bald Get Asked

Easy, breezy, beautiful...bald boy.

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1. When did it start?

20th Century Fox / Via

August 16, 1991. The day I was born.

2. What are you going to do about it?

Comedy Central / Via

3. Does it hurt?

4. Is your mother’s father bald?

BBC / Via

5. How much does hair restoration surgery cost?

Don’t look at my Google search history, please.

6. Would you shave your head?

ABC / Via


7. I bet you notice it in the shower... Does your drain get clogged?

Fox / Via

8. Are you scared your scalp is going to get burnt?

TLC / Via

I want to drown you in sunscreen and call it a day.

9. What type of bald are you going to be? Is your hair going to 100% disappear? Will there be a little patch in the middle?

Hanna-Barbera Productions / Via


10. Where did your hairline used to be?

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11. Do you think you will be a good looking bald guy?

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