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10 Reason Why Applying To Jobs As A Post-Grad Is The Worst

It is now August and you still don’t have your “dream job”...

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10. Celebration status’s by your arch nemesis getting a job

9. Parents asking... “Did you hear back from that job yet?"

8. You contemplate sending applications to strange jobs

How do I apply to the Juno Alaska Public Library

7. Your friends still in college are returning to school

CAN I HELP YOU PACK!? (I charge $8.75 an hour)

6. Fearing that you will only be qualified as an intern for the rest of your life

Where can I find a job with -4 years experience

5. Only finding jobs that pay in Trident Layers

4. Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and opening your own company

3. Checking your email every .4 seconds.


2. Thinking about going to graduate school

1. “Ill make my resume stand out"

Pop of color here... Accent font there... spray of my cologne here

Conclusion. Go check whats in the fridge.

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