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Famous Art Movements We Wish We Started

There's all kinds of great artwork out there, but there are some recent trends in the art world that we particularly wish we were the ones to come up with. Check out a few of the artists and styles of self-expression that impress us the most, and be sure to click here to help Green Works raise environmental awareness.

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The "Blindfold Art" Movement

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Chinese acupuncturist, Jon Tsoi, blindfolds himself before he draws on a piece of canvas with Sharpies. He says creating art is more relaxing when he can't see, and it's just too bad we wasted all our good blindfolding years on "Pin The Tail On The Donkey."

The "Reverse Grafitti" Movement

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Mr. Kiji partnered with Green Works for the Reverse Graffiti Project and created designs on the wall of a dirty underpass in Los Angeles by cleaning away the dirt and pollution stains. His work gets us thinking about how we treat the environment, and that good things can happen in underpasses.

The "Vomit Art" Movement

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Millie Brown drinks brightly-colored milk and vomits onto a canvas to create work that can sell for as much as $2,400. Her process can be a kind of gross to watch, but it's amazing to think about what life without food poisoning is like.

The "Latte Art" Movement

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In terms of latte art, it's obvious we just flat-out misunderstood the point of getting coffee.

The "Egg Art" Movement

Franc Grom uses a power drill to meticulously carve gorgeous designs into eggshells. He's unspeakably talented, patient, and incredibly retired.

The "Weimaraners" Movement

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As talented as William Wegman is, it's slightly infuriating that he's made a great living by dressing up Weimaraners in funny clothes and photographing them. We've been doing that for years but were just too afraid to have the film developed!

The "Bob Ross" Movement

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We still have nightmares about how we weren't responsible for giving Bob his own show on PBS. Sure, there are plenty of gorgeous trees in those nightmares, but they're still really unpleasant.

The "Skin Art" Movement

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Ariana Page Russell has dermographic urticaria (meaning she has a hive-like reaction whenever her skin is slightly scratched). She uses her condition to create amazing patterns on her body that disappear after half an hour, and she makes us wonder what else we can do with allergic reactions besides have them.

The "Elephants Painting" Movement

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And we never thought to give THE ONE animal with a four-foot-long arm a paintbrush because...?