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8 Great Reasons College Students Should Be At The Teaching & Learning Garden

Gardening is great for all students, even those who would normally shy away from it. While it helps students with learning, it has a number of other benefits, too.

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It Gets You Outside

Students are generally inside all day everyday either working or studying, which can be unhealthy in the long term. According to the Huffington Post, being outside reduces anxiety and encourages positive moods. The Teaching & Learning Garden is a great break from your normal routine of work/study.

Gardening is a skill that can save you money


College students are always hurting for money. The Teaching Learning Garden will give you the skills that you need to grow your own garden. The Wall Street Journal estimates that the average family with a garden spends $70 a year keeping it up but gets $600 dollars worth of produce. You can finally kick all that ramen to the curb.

It's Great Exercise


Gardening is tough, but it is a great source of exercise. According to the CDC, 30 minutes of gardening can burn up to 300 calories, and a recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health saw that people who participated in community gardening did in fact have significantly lower body mass index than those who do not.

It'll Let You Experience Nature in the City

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Living in the city means you don't really get to see a lot of green, or at least natural green. Most city parks are planned as well, and are pretty unnatural and filled with foot traffic. The garden is essentially a natural, green oasis in the midst of the city bustle.

It Will Help Your Community / Via

Many communities with gardens donate their food to the community directly or to a local food pantry or community kitchen. Working in the Teaching & Learning Garden therefore will help you to give back to the community you're in directly. It will also help improve the university's image in the eyes of the community.

Exceptional Stress Relief Properties

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Working in the garden provides a large distraction from normal campus life, and can therefore act as a form of stress relief. Fully knowing that your efforts will benefit your community, and there's a tangible reward in the form of the produce, will help students significantly. Plus, it's outside, which literally gives you a breath of fresh air in the middle of studying.

It'll Give You Some Great Friends

At the Teaching & Learning Garden, you will meet like-minded people who share your interests. Whether you're planting turnips or planning trips, it's the people you surround yourself with that make the college experience so worthwhile. If you don't normally garden, you might even make completely new friends.

It'll Drum Up Campus Interest

Be a role model for your friends and other students by showing them firsthand that the garden is both cool and well worth their time to volunteer for. Show them how to grow their own food and get involved more in the community. Be a leader.

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