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    9 Pretty-in-Pink Breakfast Jars To Make Mornings Beautiful

    Breakfast - don't skip it, make it healthy, fast and easy. Those are the rules. Let's add another - make it beautiful. Eye-candy produces a documented emotional uplift, so let's give you a breakfast lift!

    1. Dragonfruit Citrus Yogurt Smoothie

    2. White Chocolate Rice Pudding & Berries

    3. Berry Dream Chia Pudding

    4. Pitaya and Coconut smoothies

    5. Strawberry Vanilla Cardamom Nicecream

    6. Nicecream & Chia Beet Parfait

    7. Blueberry Overnight Oats

    8. Strawberry Basil and Blueberry Mint Smoothies

    9. Rainbow Unicorn Protein Smoothie Bowls