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    13 Freaky Flippertastic Facts For World Penguin Day

    April 25 is World Penguin Day! Let's celebrate our funny fine-flippered friends with some un-beak-leavable penguin facts.

    1. Giant, people sized penguins once roamed the earth

    2. The world’s smallest penguin weighs as much as a pineapple

    3. Penguins love tobogganing

    4. Adelie penguins will do *anything* for a rock

    View this video on YouTube / Via BBC

    They use rocks to make nests and they are in short supply. So some penguins turn to a life of crime to feed the need. And female Adelie penguins think nothing of offering sex to neighbouring males in exchange for a pebble.

    5. The men get stuck with baby duty

    6. Penguins can porpoise (but porpoises can't penguin)

    7. They feast on sustainable fish

    8. Penguin poo can be seen from space

    9. They aren't afraid of humans

    10. Their sexual practices can be shocking!

    11. They get jealous - and they know how to show it

    12. Penguinologists are a thing

    13. Penguins that live on the ice are seeing their homes melt