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  • Will Consumers Pay More For Green Products And Technology? Not Yet

    Consumers are not flocking to products labeled green and eco-friendly. At first glance, this behavior by consumers is surprising. A recent poll of Europeans and Americans indicated that broad swaths of the population are in favor or green technology and products. In fact, the desire by Europeans and Americans for renewable energy options was absolutely overwhelming. A Harris poll found that support for wind farms to produce electricity was supported by large majorities, from 90 percent in Spain to 87 percent in the United States and 77 percent in France. Even taxpayer-provided financial support for the development of biofuels was heavily favored. Government subsidies for promoting the production and use of biofuels were favored by 77 percent Italians, 76 percent of Spaniards, and 60 percent of Americans. Read complete at our blog

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