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Here's What All The Types Of Cookware Do If You're New To Cooking

So you want to get into cooking but are wondering, like, what pans do what? This 18-piece set from GreenLife has everything you need to get started. Best of all, its ceramic nonstick coating is absolutely toxin-free.

For when your cooking is unapologetically basic.

Honestly, cooking can be extremely overwhelming when you first start out, so it’s OK to be basic about your pans at first, especially if you’re cooking for just one.



Cutting Board

For when what you’re cooking is a little extra.

OK, so maybe you’ve honed the basics and want to spice things up. Since cookware is a long-term investment, it doesn't hurt to stock up on pieces that actually look good, too (think: something with a pop of color). Here are some other ways to be extra in the kitchen.

Sauté Pan


For when you inevitably go through a big baking phase.

For some, baking is their gateway into cooking; for others, it’s an inevitable stop on the path to cooking mastery.

Cookie Sheet

For when you’re cooking for a crowd.

Got the whole squad coming over? Time to bring out the big guns...or pots.


Larger Pans

Cooking can be a daunting task (especially around the holidays), but GreenLife’s 18-piece set of healthy, ceramic, nonstick coated cookware gives you everything you need to do the season right. Get cooking!