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The Definitive Ranking Of Parents In One Tree Hill

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Also this list is strictly about how the characters acted as parents, not about how cool or great they were otherwise

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18. Ted Davis

Downfalls: missed Brooke's wedding, was absent most of her life, called her "thick" when she was 15, and didn't let her have any input in her own clothing line

Redeeming moments: when he watched the Burning Boat with Victoria and Brooke at the end of the series

15. Victoria Davis

Downfalls: totally manipulative, mostly ignored Brooke in high school, and made her a criminal later in life

Redeeming moments: she really came around as the series went on and always had a witty comment ready

14. Larry Sawyer

Downfalls: left Peyton alone in pretty much throughout all of high school and briefly dated Karen which was weird

Redeeming moments: when he told Peyton to tell Brooke she needed a new hot dad fantasy

2. Brooke Davis-Baker

Downfalls: none that I can think of

Redeeming moments: wanted to be a mom so badly, fostered a kid, was an amazing godmother to Jamie and a great mom to her twins, and even created a clothing line for them

Bottom line is how did Brooke, Lucas, Peyton, Nathan, and Haley all become good parents when their parents were either horrible or absent for most of their lives?

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