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End Of The Semester As Told By "Parks And Recreation"

Just a couple more weeks! We've got this....maybe

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You remember that swimsuit season is soon and try to start being healthier

But then you quickly give up

Your drunk aunt passively aggressively mentions something about your weight but you don't even care anymore

You try to get a jump start on preparing for finals

But it's Friday and your friends invite you to a party

You really want a summer fling so you try to make conversation with someone who caught your eye at the bar

The next day you immediately regret going out

You lock your door, turn off your phone, and curl up in bed

On Monday, your professor tells you the final will be cumulative

You tell your mom you need her support

You also turn to alcohol and food for support even though you know you'll regret it

Your roommate does something that usually wouldn't upset you but because you're stressed out, you're extra irritable

You put the "pro" in procrastinating

One of your professors assigns a group project and at first, you're thinking "Sweet, less work for me"

But then you realize everyone in your group is a moron

Eventually you all decide to just wing it

After buckling down and spending ten hours at the library, your brain has been turned to mush

You are over your friends complaining to you about how hard their finals will be

You return your textbooks and get some money back. Even though it's not a lot, you are already thinking of what to spend it on

You could put it towards your student loans

But then...

You walk into your first exam

And during it, you're mostly thinking about how underprepared you are

But you remind yourself that a grade does not define you and you shake it off

Finally! You're done with all your finals

But you look back and realize another year has gone by and you're still not sure what you want to major in

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