Food Furniture

Comfort food that actually makes you feel comfortable

1. Baked Potato Bean Bag

Sit around like a sack of potatoes

Bfiberandcraft / Via  

2. Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag

This really is a slice of heaven. Squeeze yourself in between the sauce and the crust and cuddle up with your favorite…mushroom?

Bfiberandcraft / Via  

3. Plain Cheese Please

Assorted vegetable pillows sold separately

Bfiberandcraft / Via  

4. Take A Cannoli

Bfiberandcraft / Via  

5. …And A Piece Of Bacon

Bfiberandcraft / Via  

6. And Hang Them On Your Wall!

They also come in carrot, celery and asparagus options

Bfiberandcraft / Via  

7. Or Wear It As A Scarf

You wear what you eat

Bfiberandcraft / Via  

8. Waffle Sheets

A whole new meaning to breakfast in bed. Add assorted fruit pillows for garnish

Bfiberandcraft / Via  

9. Bon Appétit

Bfiberandcraft / Via  

10. Hungry For Seconds?

Noodle scarf is on the menu for a limited time

Bfiberandcraft / Via  

11. Sauce On The Side

Bfiberandcraft / Via  

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