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Ranking Every LGBTQ+ Character In "Glee" From "Okay" To "Iconic"


14. Hiram and Leroy Berry

Hiram Berry wears a purple v-neck shirt with his index finger pointed in the air and Leroy Berry wears a red vest over a orange and white striped shirt under a brown blazer.

13. David Karofsky

David Karofsky wears a blue and white checkered button up shirt over a long sleeve white shirt while holding the backpack strap across his chest.

12. Alistair

Alistair stands amongst his male peers in the McKinley High gym class.

11. Sebastian Smythe

A close up of Sebastian Smythe as he wears a blue blazer with red lining and a matching striped tie.

10. Sheldon Bieste

A close up of Sheldon Bieste as he wears a blue button up shirt, black tie, and dark blue sports jacket.

9. Adam Crawford

Adam, wearing a black and red striped shirt, stands next to Kurt who's wearing a grey pull over sweater and looking incredibly uncomfortable.

8. Dani

Dani, wearing her red and white waitress uniform, smiles softly at Santana Lopez.

7. Elliott Gilbert

A close up of Elliot Gilbert as he wears a blue and green checkered button up shirt.

6. Blaine Anderson

A close up of Blaine Anderson as he wears his blue and red school uniform blazer and smiles up at Kurt Hummel.

5. Spencer Porter

Spencer Poster stands in the middle of the boys' locker room at McKinley High School.

4. Brittany S. Pierce

A close up of Brittany S. Pierce as she wears her red, black, and white striped cheerleading uniform top.

3. Santana Lopez

Santana Lopez stands on a street in NYC wearing her red turtleneck sleeveless waitress uniform.

2. Unique Adams

Unique Adams, wearing a v-neck blue ruffle dress with matching hair piece, sings into a bedazzled microphone in front of a live band.

1. And last but not least, Kurt Hummel

Kurt Hummel stands on stage while wearing a white shirt with the words "Likes Boys" written in big black block letters under a red and black flannel shirt.