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Ranking Every LGBTQ+ Character In "Glee" From "Okay" To "Iconic"


14. Hiram and Leroy Berry

Hiram Berry wears a purple v-neck shirt with his index finger pointed in the air and Leroy Berry wears a red vest over a orange and white striped shirt under a brown blazer.

We barely got any screen time from Rachel's two dads. They were significantly less involved than any of the other Glee parents, and they truly could have been standout characters if given the same attention as Burt Hummel or Carole Hudson.

Standout Quote: "They say you have to lose everything before you can really find yourself."

13. David Karofsky

David Karofsky wears a blue and white checkered button up shirt over a long sleeve white shirt while holding the backpack strap across his chest.

While the storyline involving Karofsky's suicide attempt was powerful and relatable for many viewers, his character as a whole was unforgivably mean to Kurt. The death threats and constant bullying could not be redeemed by Karofsky's own endearing struggles. And don't even get me started on the whole Blaine-Karofsky relationship...

Standout Quote: "I made your life a living hell for months. But when the same thing happened to me, I couldn't even take it for a week."

12. Alistair

Alistair stands amongst his male peers in the McKinley High gym class.

I speak for everyone when I say FINNEAS DESERVED MORE. Alistair and Spencer were a cute couple and they were not given the attention they deserved. After a singular episode, Alistair was barely mentioned again. Also, hardly using Finneas's singing voice was a sheer tragedy.

Standout Quote: "Plus, on the outside you're smoking hot. I mean, I'm not blind, you're ridiculously hot."

11. Sebastian Smythe

A close up of Sebastian Smythe as he wears a blue blazer with red lining and a matching striped tie.

Sebastian is responsible for one of the most iconic numbers in all of Glee and has a sassy personality that's hard not to love. Despite proving to be a threat to Klaine, Sebastian's arc in Season 3 was much appreciated, especially since it meant seeing more from the Warblers.

Standout Quote: "Odds are by the end of the school year, I'll have Blaine and a Nationals trophy, and you'll have khakis and a Lima Bean apron, and that gay face."

10. Sheldon Bieste

A close up of Sheldon Bieste as he wears a blue button up shirt, black tie, and dark blue sports jacket.

I loved Bieste's character in the first few seasons of Glee. However, the storyline of Bieste transitioning in Season 6 came out of left field, especially after the constant confessions that the tomboy football coach is a real girl despite some masculine tendencies. Bieste's entire transition was also completed in a few brief episodes. Such an important, underrepresented topic deserved to be handled more carefully. As a whole, Glee really dropped the ball on transgender representation.

Standout Quote: "It's not about who I want to go to bed with. It's about who I want to go to bed as."

9. Adam Crawford

Adam, wearing a black and red striped shirt, stands next to Kurt who's wearing a grey pull over sweater and looking incredibly uncomfortable.

The leader of NYADA's misfit glee club Adam's Apples, Adam is a generally lovable character who won our hearts from the moment he sang "Baby Got Back." His relationship with Kurt was sweet, and I speak for everyone when I say that it would be nice to see more of Adam's charm.

Standout Quote: "Welcome to Downtown Abbey."

8. Dani

Dani, wearing her red and white waitress uniform, smiles softly at Santana Lopez.

Demi Lovato's guest spot on Glee's fifth season was simply amazing. Dani's confidence and brash personality was a breath of fresh air, especially considering how adorably soft Santana became once she and Dani began dating.

Standout Quote: "I think you need a 100% sapphic goddess."

7. Elliott Gilbert

A close up of Elliot Gilbert as he wears a blue and green checkered button up shirt.

Elliott is truly everybody's favorite glitter rock vampire. Adam Lambert's bold, edgy presence graced the screen beautifully in Glee. In addition to a stellar voice and over-the-top performances, it was also easy to fall in love with Elliott's honest personality and his endearing friendship with Kurt.

Standout Quote: "I kind of hate that term. It makes me feel like a pet."

6. Blaine Anderson

A close up of Blaine Anderson as he wears his blue and red school uniform blazer and smiles up at Kurt Hummel.

The charming, bow-tie wearing Blaine first stole our hearts as a Warbler in Season 2, when he helped Kurt gain the courage to face his biggest bullies and proudly embrace himself. Blaine's hopeless romantic personality and nerdy habits are too cute for words. Despite his other relationships and cheating attempts, it's his devotion to Kurt that kept us in love with Blaine.

Standout Quote: "Prejudice is just ignorance."

5. Spencer Porter

Spencer Poster stands in the middle of the boys' locker room at McKinley High School.

Spencer might just be the most underrated character in all of Glee. Not only did he defy traditional gay stereotypes by being a football team ultra-jock, but Spencer was completely shameless about his identity. His confidence only wavered around Alistair, who Spencer was adorably head-over-heels for. Spencer might have been mean to his fellow glee club members, but his softness shined through by the end of the show.

Standout Quote: "Just because you and I happen to be born with the same 10% of the population that would choose Andrew Garfield over Emma Stone doesn't mean we have anything else in common."

4. Brittany S. Pierce

A close up of Brittany S. Pierce as she wears her red, black, and white striped cheerleading uniform top.

Brittany's hilarious one-liners are what MADE Glee. Her comedic timing and randomness made her a fan favorite. Her relationship with Santana proved that love has no boundaries. And, let's face it, her relationships with other Glee guys were pretty cute, too. Brittany may be one of Glee's dorkiest characters, but we love her for it.

Standout Quote: "I'm also a unicorn. Maybe a bi-corn."

3. Santana Lopez

Santana Lopez stands on a street in NYC wearing her red turtleneck sleeveless waitress uniform.

Santana is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters in Glee. Her fiery personality and harsh judgements make her one of the more feared students at McKinley High. But, it's Brittany who brings the softness out of Santana. Her journey of coming out is one of the more realistic storylines Glee ever depicted. Naya Rivera did a phenomenal job portraying this important character.

Standout Quote: "The only straight I am is straight-up bitch."

2. Unique Adams

Unique Adams, wearing a v-neck blue ruffle dress with matching hair piece, sings into a bedazzled microphone in front of a live band.

Where Glee failed with Bieste, it succeeded with Unique. Unique's sass could rival Santana or Kurt any day, and her struggle to be accepted as herself in the school setting opened the door for many well-conducted conversations about gender inclusivity. The strength and authenticity of Alex Newell's portrayal of Unique spoke volumes and it gave a voice to countless transgender and non-binary viewers.

Standout Quote: "It’s hard you know. Having to dress like this every morning, knowing that nobody will understand. But, I don’t have a choice. This is who I am."

1. And last but not least, Kurt Hummel

Kurt Hummel stands on stage while wearing a white shirt with the words "Likes Boys" written in big black block letters under a red and black flannel shirt.

I firmly stand beside the belief that Glee would not have gotten past its first season if not for Kurt. The bullying storylines, the struggle to come out to his dad, the relationship challenges with Blaine — everything that Kurt endured was realistic and relatable. And he got through it all with a smile on his face as he was unafraid to be himself, even when his life was threatened for it. Gleeks of all ages can look to Kurt in times of need and know that, regardless of what they're going through, they're strong enough to persist. All hail the true unicorn of McKinley High, Kurt Elizabeth Hummel.

Standout Quote: "Hello. I'm Kurt Hummel and I'll be auditioning for the role of kicker."

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