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We Asked Our Moms To Solve Common Office Problems

Do you have a few minutes to join this momference call?

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Office problems. We all have them, but what can be done? We assembled a super team of brilliant moms to help us solve some everyday office problems. Here's what they came up with.

Your momxpert problem-solvers are:

Fawn (professional pet sitter), Dale (retired nurse), Jane (customer-service associate), Amy (nurse), Meem (computer-support technician), Kari (secretary), Maribeth (happily retired), Nancy (receptionist), Sue (special-education teacher), Cyndy (branch assistant manager), Susan (business manager), and Claudia (retired bank manager).

Maribeth: He'll have to take care of my ill mother :)

Susan: Say you have a date!

Fawn: Tell your boss your cats are starving at home and they need you.

Meem: Say you have to take the dog to the vet.

Kari: Say you don't have a babysitter and ask if you can bring your kids along.

Nancy: Fake your own death.

Jane: Draw huge eyeballs on your bag as if to say, "I'm watching you!"

Sue: Two words: "toothpaste sandwich."

Claudia: Get one of those exploding dye packs they use on bank robbers.

Cyndy: Put a Post-it on your lunch bag with your name on it.

Fawn: Put cat poop in your lunch bag.

Kari: Use a decoy bag and put breast milk and cat food in it.

Dale: Poison.

Cyndy: Ignore them.

Claudia: Bring baked goods to the office to share with them.

Fawn: Talk about your cats.

Amy: Kill them with kindness...or find out what bugs them, then do that.

Maribeth: Just say the serenity prayer.

Dale: Poison. (laughs maniacally)

Dale: Put on your best puppy-dog eyes and beg. They'll be so confused that they'll give in just to get you out of their office.

Cyndy: Set a meeting, express your accomplishments, and then ask for a raise.

Nancy: Wear the same clothes for two weeks without washing them, and then when questioned, say you could really use a raise.

Fawn: Tell your boss that your cat needs surgery...and that you have been a great asset to your company.

Amy: Hide their cell phone. It drives people crazy.

Maribeth: Convince them that tomorrow is a holiday and that there's no work!

Claudia: Wrap everything on their desk in tin foil!

Meem: Tape down their phone's hang-up button.

Cyndy: Hide the coffee.

Sue: Go to a pet store, buy a bunch of feeding crickets, and set them loose in their car.

Kari: Put breast milk in their coffee.

Maribeth: Just say, "I have IBS."

Amy: Tell them you'll go, then don't show up and think of a good excuse on your way home.

Susan: Tell them you have an appointment with your accountant.

Cyndy: Tell them your daughter has a project that's due in the morning and you still have to go to the store to pick up all the crap for it.

Fawn: Tell them you have to go home to your starving kitties.

Meem: Just say you have diarrhea.

Amy: NOTHING! No dating co-workers.

Jane: Pursue it! Tell them you like them, and then see where it goes.

Susan: If they're married, STAY AWAY! If not, smile a lot.

Dale: Invite them over for dinner one night. ;)

Fawn: First, see if they like cats.

Kari: Flirt! A little healthy flirting is good for the soul...and the ego!

Dale: Tell them an opportunity came up in Australia that you just can't pass up!

Susan: Two weeks' notice and a letter of resignation.

Amy: Just get another job, then give your two weeks' notice.

Cyndy: Write a letter — make sure you thank them and give them two weeks' notice!

Claudia: Invite your boss out to lunch and explain that the new opportunity is too good to pass up.

Dale: Bring in puppies! Or wear a funny hat and see what reactions you get.

Fawn: Watch cute cat videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Susan: Ask for more assignments.

Meem: Surf the web for something funny.

Nancy: Fake your own death again.

Amy: Send another one! You're on a roll now.

Kari: Suck it up, buttercup.

Cyndy: April Fools'! (Even if it's June.)

Claudia: How do you even do that? I might be doing that all the time. Now I'm worried. Can you show me how to not do that?

Nancy: Blame it on Russia!

Sue: Light your computer on fire.

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