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14 Perfect Animal Pairs That Are Looking Out For Each Other

It's a dog-help-dog world out there. And there's no better time to celebrate helping your fellow neighbor than on Independence Day!

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1. This big guy giving a little guy a ride:

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"Bruce, our hooman just dropped her burger! Let's go investigate!"

2. This elephant giving his friend a place to rest: / Via

"Ahhh, this is the life. Thanks for the resting place, man!"

3. This cat who knows when his pal needs a cuddle: / Via

"You just, like, get me. Thanks for the comfort cuddles."

4. This cheetah who won't let his friend be fooled by a stuffed animal:

"Hey! Buddy! HEY! That's your stuffed toy, not a tiger. It's OK!"

5. This pair of turtles giving their buddy a ride: / Via

"Look out, coming on hot! Totally just nailed that landing."

6. This fishy friend teaching the feline to swim: / Via

"All right, just wiggle your body like me, and you'll be golden!"

7. This dynamic duo that always looks out for each other: / Via

"We just ROCKED that cha cha slide. Comin' in hot for celebratory head bumps!"

8. This monkey being a mama to her puppy friends: / Via

"There, there, my pretties — momma monkey will always take care of you."

9. This raccoon comforting his canine companion:


"Shhh, shhh. It's OK. Just don't worry about it, man. You'll be fine."

10. This parrot who knows when someone needs a good scratch:

"Ooooh, yeah, that's puuuuurrrfect. THAT's the spot."

11. This donkey getting his pal over the fence:

"Alley-oop! Soon you and I will be enjoying all of the pizzas."

12. This turtle who always gives his friends a ride: / Via

"Easy, easy. We have to be sneaky or else the tall person will see us!"

13. This horse who knows how to give a great head rub:

"Imma boop ya, Imma boop ya!" *boop*

14. This bunny who makes for a perfect pillow:

"This is the start to a very beautiful friendship, my fluffy friend."

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