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    15 Amazon Products That Will Trick People Into Thinking You're Rich

    You're gonna be mad you didn't find these sooner...

    1. Wireless Earbuds

    Amazon / Via

    Who says you have to spend big money on AirPods? Look no further, because not only do these wireless earbuds have great reviews, but they only cost $28.

    2. Dried Pampas Grass

    Amazon / Via

    Dried pampas grass makes your home look straight out of Vogue, and for only $25 for 100 pieces, it's a steal!

    3. LED Cabinet Lights

    Amazon / Via

    These lights are battery operated and easy to install. Makes any room look more sophisticated and expensive.

    4. Satin Pillow Case

    Amazon / Via

    Not only are satin pillow cases good for your skin, but they're only $8... need I say more?

    5. New Car Scent Spray

    Amazon / Via

    Even if you don't have the luxury of buying a car brand new, that doesn't mean it can't smell like a new car. These sprays have very high reviews and only cost $9 for both of them.

    6. Smart Bulb

    Amazon / Via

    This smart bulb not only changes colors, but can be controlled from your phone. You can find it here for $12!

    7. Faux Sheepskin Rug

    Amazon / Via

    Okay, only $18.99 for a beautiful faux fur rug... Incredible.

    8. French Hand Cream

    Amazon / Via

    This luxurious French hand cream is a crowd favorite on Amazon, and only costs $25 for a gift set.

    9. Ice Ball Molds

    Amazon / Via

    Take your cocktail game to the next level with this ice ball mold, $11 for a pack of four... just saying.

    10. Stovetop Espresso Maker

    Amazon / Via

    Not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on an espresso maker? That's okay, because this one is only $8.

    11. Dried Rose Petals

    Amazon / Via

    Take your baths to the next level with dried rose petals. They look luxurious and only cost $13.

    12. Sherpa Throw Blanket

    Amazon / Via

    This reversible throw blanket is sure to make your living room feel like a fancy hotel. Get it here for $25.

    13. Wooden Alarm Clock

    Amazon / Via

    This sleek wooden clock looks straight from the future. This will surely wow all your guests, and it'll be our little secret that it only cost $19.

    14. French Press Travel Mug

    Amazon / Via

    Reviewers call this French press the "best in the world", and it's easy to see why. You can make your coffee right in your mug, and drink it on the go. Everyone at the office would be amazed.

    15. Remote Control Outlet Adapter

    Amazon / Via

    And lastly, these incredible outlet adapters turn any room into a luxurious suite. Simply plug in your lamps to these adapters and control the brightness from the remote. No need for a fancy light installation.

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