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    Feb 18, 2020

    Who Is Your "Love Spell: Written In The Stars" Boyfriend?

    An interactive personality quiz that pairs you up with your Love Spell soulmate. "Love Spell: Written In The Stars" is a romance visual novel/otome video game coming soon to PC in Spring 2020.


    Woah! You saved a mysterious, old woman from a terrible accident and she gave you this strange looking book, but she vanished without telling you much! What do you do with it?
    You had a really stressful day and you decide to relax for the evening. What are you doing to loosen up?
    You've got a date this weekend! What are your plans with this special person?
    What's your greatest fear in life?
    You just won an all-expenses paid vacation to anywhere in the world! Where are you going?!
    Legends say that in your past life, you had the ability to transform into a certain animal. What animal were you?
    Which star sign do you find yourself most compatible with?
    You're on your way to work/school. Traffic is backed up and you have a moment to pick something to listen to for the rest of the trip. What is it?
    You decide to express your inner-creativity by pursuing a creative outlet. What do you decide to start doing?
    You got roped into playing a new MMO with your friends and you need to pick your character's starter class. What class/weapon do you choose?
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