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5 Team Building Activities in Leeds

Tired of doing the same old team building activities? Is building a 'structure' out of paper and trying to balance a Terry's chocolate orange on top of it getting a bit monotonous? Look no further, we have compiled a list of the best 5 team building activities in and around Leeds!

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5. Revenge is a dish best served bright pink

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Remember that time when Jerry stole your milk from the fridge? Paintballing sounds like the perfect plan for your group, if you know what I mean. Fast paced, adrenaline fueled and maybe slightly painful, ‘UK Paintball’ in Leeds offers unrivaled fun!

4. Feel like getting the adrenaline pumping?

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If you're not afraid of getting a bit muddy then quad biking is for you. QuadNation in Beadale has a great range of corporate packages including different courses varying on your experience level. Quad Biking is a great way of getting out your team's competitive side whilst also forming a bond (but it's mostly about going fast and getting muddy)

3. Sounds like bee-keeping - feels like roller coaster

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Fancy something competitive but not quite as painful/dirty? Team Sport, situated right next to Crown Point, offers 580 meters of racing tarmac. This thrill seeking indoor Go Karting track is the longest in Yorkshire and is sure to be a hit with work colleagues. At the end of the course they also offer a winners podium, which is definitely going to lead to some great photos (and jealousy!)

2. Jump around. Jump up, jump up and get down.

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If you have always had dreams of being on Gladiators, then ‘Jump Arena’ would be perfect. You and your squad will get up and personal, bouncing around the indoor arena, where you will find multiple team building exercises. Including dodge-ball, basketball and even a game of, you know that thing where you stand on a horizontal pole and both hold big cotton buds and hit each other off? We don’t know the name ourselves but that one!

1. Nothing says team building like being trapped in a room with no key

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Sometimes, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing your boss hide in fear as you all try and escape from the Devil’s Playground. But if you're feeling fearless, head over to Leeds' multi-award winning escape game! ‘The Great Escape Game’ have an ever expanding selection of rooms, with the latest being Sub Warfare. Two teams of up to 9 can race against each other, and the clock, in two high tech submarines. Will you sink or survive?

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