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17 British Landscapes That Are So Beautiful You'll Want To Cry

SO SCENIC. Brb, packing bags for the British countryside. VisitBritain, stat.

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1. Isle of Skye


The Isle of Skye, off the northwest coast of Scotland, is home to some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in all of Britain. Take in the gorgeous landscapes on a boat ride across the sea, a walk around the freshwater lakes (lochs), and by gazing out the window as you gorge on fresh seafood at the village restaurants.

2. Pembrokeshire Coast


Located in Wales, the Pembrokeshire Coast was designated a National Park in 1952 due to its spectacular coastline. It boasts 186 miles of coastal walks, water sports, wildlife, history, and incredible coves. Plus, some of the cleanest waters and sands in Britain are found here.

3. Yorkshire Dales

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Yorkshire Dales is known for its expansive landscapes and hill country where you can experience everything from medieval castles to caves and waterfalls. The Dales also offers great road and mountain biking options. Cycle through picture-perfect countryside landscapes!

4. The Lake District


The Lake District in North West England is famous for its lakes (surprise!) and lush mountain scenery. Pictured above is Stock Ghyll Force, a great little walking path dotted with scenic waterfalls. There are also thousands of archeological sites and monuments in the area.

5. Isle of Wight


Located in the English Channel, the Isle of Wight is an amazing destination only a 90-minute train and ferry ride away from London. The island's rocky cliffs (like The Needles, pictured above) are millions of years old, and visitors can hunt for fossils along its sandy beaches. The area was named Britain's "Dinosaur Capital" by London's Natural History Museum!

6. Glencoe


Who can get enough of the incredible Scottish Highlands? Glencoe, Scotland's most famous glen, is located here. Experience the natural beauty via hiking and climbing, steam locomotive, or skiing in the winter. The Harry Potter movies were filmed here, so it's definitely magical.

7. Snowdonia National Park


Snowdonia National Park, in North Wales, is one of the best places to immerse yourself in Welsh culture. The majority of the population is bilingual, calling Welsh their mother tongue! The park also boasts the highest mountain in Wales, Mount Snowdon, with a spectacular granite and glass visitor center at the summit. (Don't worry if climbing isn't your thing — there's also a Snowdon Mountain Railway!)

8. Devon


Who knew England had such incredible beaches? Devon in South West England is the perfect place to see breathtaking coastal scenery, partake in water sports (even surfing!), and visit nearby islands.

9. The Cotswolds


This must be the stuff of fairytales. The Cotswolds are full of blooming gardens, quaint villages, great pubs, and beautiful walking paths. It's only two hours away from London, which means it's both accessible and a convenient destination for celebrities to chill out. In fact, it's home to more stars per acre than anywhere else outside of London!

10. Gower Peninsula


This peninsula is a remote strip of land in South Wales, characterized by golden sands and bays. Some of the best beaches in Europe are here, and it's basically paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

11. The North York Moors


Less than an hour away from the city of York, the North York Moors contain some of England's most beautiful countryside scenery. Take a ride through majestic purple moorland aboard the steam railway, and feel like you're on another planet.

12. Peak District

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If hiking and horseback riding are hobbies of yours, then you can't miss the Peak District in North West England. The terrain is wild, beautiful, and perfect for a range of outdoor activities. Even though the area is landlocked, its reservoirs are major centers for water sports. The area is great for literary nerds too — key scenes in both Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre were set in the Peak District!

13. Warwickshire


Both Shakespeare and George Eliot hail from Warwickshire, and the area brims with literary charm. Stratford-upon-Avon is only a two-hour train journey from London, and you'll pass beautiful, floral scenery along the way. There are numerous historical sites in the area, including the Chesterton Windmill pictured above!

14. Cornwall


The English Riviera does not get enough cred. Cornwall is a gorgeous coastal peninsula with a rich history. It's not only a fantastic destination for scenery and water sports, but also for cultural heritage and food. (Cornish pasties, anyone?)

15. Hadrian's Wall


Hadrian's Wall, a fortification that's thousands of years old, stretches east-west across northern England. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and several public events have illuminated the entirety of the wall with beacons. A footpath is accessible along the wall, and there are a number of sites along the way, including the sycamore tree from Robin Hood (1991), pictured above!

16. Isle of Anglesey


Remember the breathtaking mountains of Snowdonia? Well, just miles away is a spectacular coastline. The Isle of Anglesey is a 125-mile coastal path where sightings of seals and dolphins are considered normal! Imagine kayaking through clear waters and natural arches, with Snowdonia as a backdrop. It's so paradisiacal that even The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge once chose to live here!

17. Exmoor National Park


Located in South West England, Exmoor National Park was named the first International Dark Sky Reserve in all of Europe. In terms of scenery, the park has it all — moorland, farmland, woodland, rocky cliffs, the Bristol Channel...and of course, the millions of bright stars at night. Hard to top!

In conclusion: Britain is utterly breathtaking.

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