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16 Things That Happen When You Work In Digital

It's your very livelihood.

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1. That mini heart attack when you tweet something from the wrong account.

2. Your Facebook feed is nothing but posts from the brands you manage.

3. The sheer happiness and delight when someone famous RT something you posted.

4. And the festivity in the office when your brand reaches 10 000 "likes" on Facebook.

5. When you try to explain your job to someone and they respond with, "Oh, You tweet and Facebook whole day? I could totally do that."

6. And your parents tell people that you work, "on the internet".

7. You were waaaaay too excited about the new Facebook Insights.

8. You are on almost every social network.

9. You judge people who use Internet Explorer.

10. You look down on people who use Blackberry.

11. And people who use hashtags on Facebook really annoy you.

12. When Facebook goes down 5 minutes before deadline.

13. When you have a horrible experience IRL, your naturally take to Twitter.

14. You've seen your fair share of really awkward stock images.

15. You've verbally used hashtags in conversations.

16. And this is you right now…

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