15 Savvy Pets Who Wanna Show You Their Selfies

Selfies aren’t just for humans, silly. Check out these animals who took the camera into their own hands, then check out Waddles pose for his own selfies on Gravity Falls, only on Disney Channel.

1. This playful pug who doesn't need emojis, he IS an emoji:

Jeremy Veach / Via instagram.com

2. This master of relaxation who wants to share this moment of zen:

mitchell_sides / Via instagram.com

3. This sweet kitty who stayed in to take selfies tonight:

Alyce Heeley / Via instagram.com

4. This young terrier who is definitely setting up an online dating profile:

Kristy Whitwell / Via instagram.com

5. This goat who's over the whole duck face thing, honestly:

Paul Brown / Rex / Rex USA

6. This nocturnal fox who forgot the flash was on:

7. This kitty who's always up for a good laugh:

James Ballard / Via instagram.com

8. This bunny who wants to make her ex miss her beautiful silhouette:

bunx2nfreckles / Via instagram.com

9. This bro who's still trying to figure out his best angle:

khairul_annuar / Via instagram.com

10. This sassy ostrich who is trying to be more "approachable":

Jamie Hanson/Newspix / Rex USA

11. These blondes who have mastered the art of the triple selfie:

becky_1410 / Via instagram.com

12. This friendly llama who forgot to unzoom:

Brian Logan / Via instagram.com

13. This Macara monkey whose beauty needs no filter:

14. This fellow who was just trying to set up his webcam:

Karyssa Pacheco / Via instagram.com

15. This chompy chipmunk who wants to show off his cheek stuffing skills:

Christian Stepien / Rex / Rex USA

Inspired by Mabel and her bestest best friend, Waddles

Disney Channel

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