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10 Mythical Creatures We'd Love To Hang Out With

The true test of a mythical creature is whether or not you'd want to spend a day with them. While most mythical creatures are scary, a few of them are simply down to have a good time. For more good times with strange creatures, watch Gravity Falls on Disney Channel.

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3. Falcor, The Luck Dragon

If you grew up watching The Neverending Story, you probably fall into one of two camps: those who were afraid of Falcor, and those who thought he was the greatest, nicest, most magical thing ever. (Side note: If you thought he was scary, you are nuts.)

6. Pete's Dragon

If you're going to have a magical friend that no one but you can see, it might as well be an enormous goofy dragon. The two of you can hang out in the park, crack jokes, and eat junk food. Perfect.

7. E.T.

A lot of people are obsessed with aliens, and most aliens are gross. However, if there was one alien you'd like to spend a day with, E.T. is the clear cut winner. You could possibly make an argument for TV's ALF , but he's a little grating.